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I, Danny Zacharias, run this outfit and hope you find it useful.


Here is the shakedown on what this website offers (besides the regular blog and the journal alerts blog):

Miscellaneous Resources

The Glossary provides users with a quick and dirty definition of commonly used terms in Biblical studies.
SBL Abbreviations is a dataset of abbreviations for journals and series for Biblical Studies.
The Google Books list offers a listing of books in Biblical Studies available online.
A Guide to Scripture Indexing on a mac is a tutorial for those of you who have found yourselves in the unfortunate position of creating an index for your own book or for someone else.
A Guide to Unicode for Mac is a tutorial for setting up your computer to begin using unicode for Greek or Hebrew.

One Gateway to Rule Them All

Bookmarks in Biblical Studies is a one-page comprehensive gateway to Biblical Studies on the net.

Biblical Greek Resources

Multimedia Flashcards are made to work with several popular grammars and utilizes both audio and images for better vocabulary retention
Principal Parts got you down? Its hard when you don't have a list of them. This principal parts dataset provides almost 300 Greek verbs and their principal parts. The word can be ordered by any column
The Flashcard Roundup lists the various flashcards available on the internet for various top grammars
Greek Animations are short video files animating Greek grammar. Originally made by Glenn Wooden to go with Mounce's grammar, these animations are great in the classroom
Vocabulary helps is a place where I will share any new creations for retaining Greek vocabulary— songs, pictures, etc. Free for anyone to use.
Greek Songs provide a place for me to share a few of my Greek songs for free. When they are all published, I will also sell them here.

Search Quality Content On The Web
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Find quality resources on the internet the google way. The Web search indexes all of the 1000+ bookmarks noted above, as well as all pages linked on iTanakh and NTGateway. Or search the Biblioblogosphere with the Biblioblogs search, or use the JURN search to find academic articles and reviews in Biblical studies.

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Biblical Hebrew Resources

Multimedia Flashcards are in the works!!
Hebrew Songs provide a place for me to share a few of my Hebrew songs for free. When they are all published, I will also sell them here.

Theological German Resources

The German glossary is a simple data set of over 1500 German words, many of which are more specific to Theolgical German. The data can be ordered by either column.
The Theological German Grammar is a book originally published in house at Harvard university by Walter Bense. The grammar has been slightly updated by myself and made freely available online here.

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